The Canandian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments recently released their 2016 Clinical Guidelines for the management of Major Depressive Disorder for adults. And guess what? Yoga made the list. The author’s recommended that yoga (and other Complementary treatments like St. John’s wort and Omega 3s) be considered a first- or second-line treatment strategy.

Wow, that’s Canada for you.

You can read the abstract here. 

Yoga doesn’t have a lot of side effects, which seemed to impress the authors.

Now the next step for Canada (and the States when it finally capitulates and follows it’s wiser northern sibling in like 50 years or something), is to figure out guidelines for how to refer to the appropriate yoga teacher/yoga therapist.

And how to determine which kind of yoga is appropriate for each client/patient. Not everyone can nail a Peacock in Parliament like Justin you know.


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