There’s a new organ in your body. 

Well.  not really.

But science is recognizing the importance of the fascia or connective tissue – (something that yogis and bodywork folks have been working with for years). They’ve named it the “interstitium” and recognize it as the fluid-filled spaces all over the body, including just beneath the surface of the skin, lining the digestive tract, the lungs and the urinary system, and wrapping around muscles and organs.

The interstitium made its debut in an article called “The Structure and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues” earlier this year. 

Science is recognizing that the fascia system is important for health.

One way to optimize this system is to hydrate. Which of course means drinking sufficient fluids but it also means moving that fluid efficiently through your system. 

One way to do this is rebounding.

Rebouncing is ridiculously simple, but it can also be fun. It has an added benefit of helping to bring better balance to your nervous system, particularly if you are prone to anxiety.

Just bounce around a bit. Take a break and join me for some rebounding in this short video.


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