A few months ago I got a call from Joe Barrett, the Day Program coordinator at Hind’s Farm, a facility that helps those with traumatic brain injuries.

“I have been doing yoga for 8 years and I know how helpful it has been for me,” he said. “I would like someone to come here and teach yoga to the members. Do you know anyone who could volunteer?”

So I put out the question to the current students in the Subtle Yoga Training and Personal Transformation Program and Ann Mundy responded.

“I’m going there to meet the clients and start teaching next Wednesday,” she wrote me. “They all have brain injuries, and some physical disabilities. One is a paraplegic in a wheelchair, 3 use canes, others are physically normal – so quite a range in one class. I will definitely have to study up on adaptive yoga!”

And she did. She did her homework, got her notes together and got to it in early September.

Here’s Ann at Hind’s Farm:

And here she is teaching one of the clients:

Class also has included some basic walking assistance:

“These people have very little help with physical movement.” Ann told me. “They don’t even have a physical therapist.” So not only are they benefiting from the adapted yoga postures and breathing practices Ann has been teaching, but also from the fact that they are receiving some special care and attention.

On Friday morning, I received this phone call:

“Hello Ms. Weber, This is Joe Barrett from Hind’s Farm. Ann Mundy has been volunteering with us on Wednesdays to teach yoga to our members, who all have traumatic brain injuries. It has been incredibly challenging. This is no cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination. But we love her energy, her enthusiasm, and the fortitude with which she comes to each program in giving the best that she has to offer. And we are seeing the benefits to our members in terms of the camaradarie, the relationship building and the health focused-ness of many of them. So I thank you very much for all the work you are doing training yoga teachers – it is showing in one of your students, Ann. You have a great day.”

Kudos to Ann! You are a beacon of light – thank you for bringing the gift of yoga to those who need it so much.


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