I have been on a roll on my Facebook page with a 30 day personal transformation challenge. Today I talked about the first two limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas – and how they benefit the neurobiology, mental health and the biopscyosocialspiritual systems.

If you didn’t have a chance to view that video, you can find it on my Subtle Health page here.

I tried to find the article I wrote about the yamas and niyamas in health care on the IAYT website, but it wasn’t there. Fortunately, I have a PDF copy of it so I thought I’d share it here. The yamas and niyamas, which tend to get relegated to the bathroom walls of yoga studios, are actually more than just a list of 10 nice ways to be. They could be utilized as a framework for improving the health of populations if we can operationalize them in a non-sectarian way. I hope that we begin to see more research on the health benefits of these principles.

Here’s the article:

YTT Summer 2016_PerspectiveYamasNiyamas_PDF from IAYT


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