Thought controlled gene expression is a representation of the mind-body causal model which contrasts with the model that mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain. While thought controlled gene expression does not prove that mind is the cause of body, it is a piece of the puzzle that will become clearer as science increasingly shifts its focus to the more subtle realm of consciousness studies.

Yoga cosmology situates and explains the mind-body causal model – but such a grand theory is even further from scientific exploration.

Dan Siegel likes to say, “The mind uses the brain to make the mind.” Yoga practices that focus on balancing the subtle body including the chakras, are about using the mind to control the body in order to expand the mind. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen through any external means, it happens by the mind bootstrapping itself into increasingly deeper levels of awareness.

Form follows function. The body evolves in response to the evolution of the mind. The capacity for thought-controlled gene expression is a fractal of this causal model.


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