If you’ve been thinking about our RYT500 Subtle Yoga Therapeutics Training – this is your year. Did you know that if you begin an RYT500 therapeutics training before Dec. 31, 2013, the International Association of Yoga Therapists will grandfather you in as a Yoga Therapist?

If you start a training after that, you will have to complete an additional 300 hours of training.

And boy have we got trainings! One RYT500 is beginning in the spring in Charlotte and two more will begin in the fall – one in Asheville (an intensive, yay!) and the other in Chattanooga. We are still working out the dates for the fall trainings, but the spring training is ready to go. Click here for details.

And please remember that you can have a certification through Subtle Yoga or any other approved school to start our RYT500 program, which is actually only 300 hours.

I am humbled and thrilled by the amount of positive feedback we’ve had on our trainings (both RYT200 and RYT500) and in this month’s newsletter, I want to introduce you to the AMAZING trainers that have made these programs possible…

I have to start with my husband, Brett Sculthorp, who, as an introverted New Zealander, hates this kind of attention. However Brett is a central force behind our curriculum and the logistics of our trainings. Brett is a licensed certified prevention specialist, and a provisionally licensed social worker and substance abuse counselor. It is no exaggeration to say that his vast knowledge of both social work and yoga has enabled us to become a national forerunner in the field of a yogic approach to behavioral health.

Next, Samantha Noto, RYT500, is the director of our programs in Charlotte and the incredible shakti behind all the programs we are offering there. Sam, who was a corporate trainer in her past life, has the uncanny ability to see both the large picture and the devil in the details. She is a powerfully subtle teacher with the empathic, intuitional ability to help trainees hone their talents and fine tune their skills. I am infinitely grateful to Sam for her support and drive as we take Subtle Yoga to the next level.

Marek Sawicki, BA. CAyu. LMBT, eRYT 500, a certified Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner and lead faculty instructor of Therapeutic Massage at AB-TECH Community College, is our Ayurveda and Structural therapy guru. Marek’s command of Vini Yoga and ayurveda is impressively vast! He’s a warm, helpful teacher who offers solid guidance served up with a healthy side of amazing kirtan!

Ramesh Bjonnes, a certified yoga health educator and a popular yoga columnist for Elephant Journal as well as the author of Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit: A Personal Guide to the Wisdom of Yoga is a true gem of our faculty. Ramesh, who spent several years studying in India, wows our students with his expansive understanding of yoga history – the mainstream, as well as unorthodox perspectives. Ramesh also teaches detox techniques. You can read his articles here:

Eric Siler is a Rolfer, yoga instructor and master of prana. Eric has an incredibly extensive list of trainings from Kripalu, to Anusara to Para Yoga. He teaches a whole weekend on prana and pranayama for our programs and also helps students explore the modern day relevance of the Yoga Sutras.

We are delighted to introduce Jessica Boylston-Fagonde, a heartfelt branding whiz who teaches a refreshingly authentic Business and Marketing module. We are also incredibly honored to present Dr. Marcy Braverman Goldstein, an expert in Asian religions, and instructor at both UNC Charlotte and Davidson College, who teaches our Sanskrit modules.

Other fabulous contributors in our RYT500 Chattanooga trainings include worldclass yoga instructors Doug Keller  and Roger Cole  whose reputations speak for themselves.

Sue Reynolds, the founder of Clearspring Yoga and an accomplished yogini (Sue was the second yoga teacher to hang a shingle in Chattanooga!), teaches a module on Yin Yoga for our program and helps keep our program cogs turning and Maggie White, a brilliant young teacher whose skills include group facilitation, prenatal and kids yoga has been a true pleasure to work with. Also a shout out to Janka Livoncova who teaches a heartfelt module on Addiction Recovery.

In Asheville we are tremendously grateful for Amber Acheson from Asheville Community Yoga who is the glue that holds things all together.

Our groundbreaking Subtle Yoga Training for Behavioral Health Professionals at MAHEC in Asheville and the workshops we are now presenting all over the state at the AHECs (area health education centers) would be exist without the support and efforts of Ashley Lester, LCSW, RYT200 and the good faith and advocacy of our program director, Elizabeth Flemming.

In Charlotte in our RYT200 program, we have Helen Mason, who teaches basic anatomy with infinite kindness and flair in our RYT200 programs. There’s also Katherine Metzo, Mariana Schuster, Julie Flanagan, Kim Neater, and Amy Schneider of Community Yoga and so many others who have been so supportive to our programs.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few of the fabulous people who have contributed to the thriving of Subtle Yoga and for that, I apologize. I am truly humbled by the amazing community that has evolved to merge the authentic tradition of yoga with today’s evidence based practices and serve their communities with health, wellbeing and spiritual expansion. I am also in awe of the tremendous contributions of the students to these programs. Each program is a rich and satisfying – filled with the knowledge and wisdom of so many participants who truly hold space for and nurture each other on the path to learning to share this tradition.

Om shanti,



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