Things change.
After four wonderful years of teaching regularly on Thursday nights I’m going to take a break so that I can focus on other yoga projects. It has been such an honor to teach regularly at One Center Yoga. Cindy has created a sanctuary where seekers come to explore the practices and journey towards the Heart of Yoga. It’s been a tremendous opportunity to work in such an environment – shored up by integrity, decorated by humor and infused with love.

Cindy has brought wisdom, kindness and caring to the center – qualities which are radiated by the amazing students who have collectively created a community spirit here. Sarah is an integral part of the studio’s functioning and I have very much appreciated her clarity and focus.

I am still teaching a few weekly classes in Asheville. You can keep up with my schedule on my website, The larger part of my attention has shifted towards trainings and workshops. My drishti has also turned toward community and public health. The anecdotes of my practice itself, plus a growing body of research about the wide spectrum of benefits of this phenomenal ancient practice stimulates my idealism. I envision the possibilities of yoga as a viable, cost-effective public health strategy. So I intend to spend a lot more time writing about and developing strategies for implementing that possibility.

Psychologist and yoga instructor Stephen Cope has said, “What if the practice of yoga and meditation were to become an integral component of daily life, as routine a part of our ecology-of-living as brushing our teeth” Only 17 million people in this country practice yoga, but there are more than 300 million people living here. Clearly there are a lot more people brushing their teeth than doing yoga.

But things can change. . . Yoga continues to change my life. I hope to be, in whatever way I can, an integral part of a larger change. How can we deliver yoga to underserved, disenfranchised populations? How can yoga become a part of school curriculum? How can yoga be an affordable part of Integrative Health Care? How can families and communities be inspired to support their health through yoga?

Beginning in September, I will conduct a yoga teacher training program for Behavioral Health professionals at the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) which is Asheville’s accredited provider of continuing education for health professionals and part of the state-wide AHEC system. This program is the first of its kind in the country and through this training, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers will be able to begin to share some of the benefits of yoga with their clients. I am also offering two Subtle Yoga Training and Personal Transformation Programs in the Charlotte area this year and plans are underway for the RYT500 training. I also will be traveling internationally (Europe and Canada) to share yoga and am conducting several webinars for You can keep up with my blogs on my site or through

I am filled with gratitude for the warmth, love and sweetness I have experienced at One Center Yoga and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


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