Here we are between Thanksgiving and Christmas – the seasons of gratitude and giving.

I like to think of this as the time to process the gratitude and create its counterpart in generosity. Acknowledgment for what we receive becomes the foundation for what we can offer. And the process of transforming the gifts into the offering is where the magic, the beauty and the growth lie.

That creative space between reminds me of the kumbhaka – the space between the breath, where time stills and shifts take place. I hope you get to take some time this season to tap into the magic of stillness in order to make your offering even deeper and more meaningful.

After all these years, I’m still amazed by what 15 minutes on my mat does for me. How the unconscious tensions begin to unfurl, how my breath stretches out from its cramped quarters, how my mind calms.

Right now, as the world gets busier and more uncertain, taking the time to pause every day is essential – it’s a way to be here in the moment and enjoy the beauty of it all. So perhaps, rather than furiously flinging yourself towards January this year, you may want to consider breathing, right now, and enjoying the mystery of the pause between.



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