Teaching the Neuroscience of Subtle® Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

12 hours YA CEUs February 26-27, 2021


Since the pandemic began, mental health issues have increased dramatically. Yoga offers a holistic, person-centered, cost-effective approach that can be used as self-care and to complement whatever else a person is doing to support their mental health.

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to better understand and teach the neurobiologic mechanisms that underpin the benefits of yoga for improved mood and positive mental health. People, all over the world, need yoga right now to help them better cope with the stresses and struggles of the pandemic and its fall out. Understanding and being able to explain the neuroscience behind yoga will help you reach more people who need your help.

This workshop will offer you:

  • Cutting edge information about the neuroscience of depression and anxiety.
  • Powerful yoga sequences to improve mental health and support wellbeing.
  • Greater confidence to work with students who need support.
  • A deeper understanding of the nervous system and how careful yoga sequencing supports mental health
  • 4 didactic sessions
  • 4 practice sessions
  • 1.5 hours of breakout room discussion
  • 6 CEUs
  • Bonuses:
    • Links to Video Replay
    • PDF of Power Point Slides
    • PDF Stick figure scripts of the sessions
    • References for further study and support

Please note that while this workshop will support you in understanding how to use the tools of yoga to benefit anxiety and depression, it is not a substitute for licensed health care.

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12 hours YA CEUs


February 26-27, 2021 (12 hours)







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