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I loved all the different aspects of yoga that were covered. I felt that this program really went in depth in areas that were not covered in my basic trainings – specifically the chakra weekend, the philosophy and theories, ayurveda, special conditions and mental health – I loved all the information on addiction, mental health and public health.

Robin Fann-Costanza

Over the time spent in the classroom environment, in homework, personal practice, or teaching students, I have become more physically fit, and also more mentally fit. I have also learned that my prior yoga experience since 1998 was solely focused on the asana aspect of Yoga, with very little attention to or even knowledge of the larger body that is Yoga. My own knowledge of the broader aspects of Yoga has grown considerably. I now understand that Mind/Body connections can be strengthened, or built with the more subtle parts of Yoga, in particular, meditation and visualization.

JD Clayton

RYT200, Knoxville, TN

It was amazing and informative—all such a big part of why I’m pursuing social work.

Amanda Stancil

Sparta TN

All the presenters were a great and diverse group. The experience of our group process was equally enriching. The support from Kaoverii was invaluable. This is a thorough, detailed, and well-rounded Yoga Therapy Program. The support is outstanding, and the personal growth journey is truly amazing!

Maureen Gable

Charlotte, NC

This 500 hour training has definitely changed the course of my life and enriched my journey immensely… I have met so many amazing teachers and fellow students, experientially growing in my level to serve others with yoga therapy, and learning just how gifted we all are. I thank you, fellow seekers that infuse me with the passion and energy to never stop learning.

Labet Pritchard

Asheville, NC

This program is incredibly beneficial and I feel I can flourish with its knowledge. I now have a comprehensive understanding of both the subtle and physical ways that yoga therapy works holistically. I am deeply grateful.

Margaret Kirschner

Overall, I am a very body-oriented teacher. I geek out on anatomy and physiology, and so I love to help people find the version of the physical pose that works best for them. But now I can do this with so much more knowledge than just some anatomy. And I honestly feel like they leave feeling more confident than when they arrived. It’s like the trust in their own bodies grows, and I can see it happening, and they come to me and are so excited to tell me how they’ve taken their practice off the mat and into the garden, or the grocery store. This part makes me so incredibly happy. Hearing a student tell me that they are less afraid, less timid, more confident, more trusting in themselves – that’s the part that keeps me teaching and wanting to learn.

Katie Burrus

RYT500, Huntsville, AL

Love and support, nurturing and deep caring come with this training.

Elizabeth Massey

Charlotte, NC

The Subtle Yoga 500 hour program provides such practical, useful tools to address so many issues. This program has taught me more tools for my own life, and for my clients’ than I could have imagined…I learned more from this program than I did from an elite liberal arts education. This was the most productive, valuable and magical year of my academic life!

Cait Klein

Davidson, NC

I am very comfortable with what I have to offer — whether in a class setting or working with individuals.  While I will continue to deepen my understanding and my education,knowledge,  I am more confident that the ways in which I do what I do will help heal those who are interested.

Diane McCabe

C-IAYT, e-RYT500, Virginia Beach, VA

The way I see yoga, as a lifestyle, has been transformative. The changes I have made as a result of what I have learned through SY have been subtle (no pun intended) and cumulative over time. This means the changes are lasting. Ayurvedic concepts have helped me understand my physical and energetic needs and expressions in a way that made me a truer expert on myself. When you own that kind of personal knowledge you can facilitate others’ quest for the same understanding of self.

Charla Suggs

LCSW, RYT200, UNC Pembroke

I feel that your presentation and the gift of yoga tools was outstanding. Lots of information to digest!

Veronica Wallace

Concord, NC

I was seeing private clients before, but I feel like I have much more to offer them now- more depth. I felt the program was well balanced and tied together all of the aspects of therapeutic yoga. The facilitators each have a deep knowledge and practice that enhanced their teachings. I also appreciated the focus on the practical applications of yoga therapy and tools to integrate the practice into traditional western medicine. The world is waiting for these teachings!



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