Subtle Yoga The Neuroscience of Healthy Living | OCTOBER 9–11


10 Yoga Alliance continuing education hours are available.

Learn new techniques (for yourself and/or your students or clients) to change your brain and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Kristine Weber, MA, C-IAYT, eRYT-500, is a leading world authority on the neuroscientific benefits of slow, mindful yoga. Join her for a weekend exploration of her system, Subtle® Yoga, and the theory and practice of how it can be utilized to effect neuroplastic brain changes and promote a healthier life.

In this weekend workshop, you will gain the capacity (for yourself or to teach others) to use yoga techniques to affect neuroplasticity and promote hemispheric brain integration, as well as top-down and bottom-up optimization. You will also practice techniques to improve mind-body awareness—including proprioception and interoception—and explore the neuroscientific benefit of spirituality.

In this workshop, you’ll

  • Review the neurobiological foundation of (and evidence behind) the efficacy of yoga practices – how yoga may recruit neuroplasticity and change your brain, and your mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns
  • Discuss and explore the integration of yoga practices and positive psychology techniques
  • Practice and demonstrate yoga techniques to embody or “install” positive affirmations in your mind-body
  • Engage in and practice meditative techniques to uncover and transform detrimental self-myths and beliefs.

This workshop includes lectures, discussions, and experiential exercises. It is a great opportunity to learn about yoga and neuroscience, improve your skills, experience community with like-minded people, and earn 10 Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.

Kristine is leading the charge to get slow, mindful practices to people who desperately need them through more than a decade of training mental health professionals at the Mountain Area Health Education Center and through her  Subtle® Yoga Revolution series of online courses and trainings for yoga teachers—which have been praised by thousands all over the world. She is an advocate for the use of these practices as integral to solving the healthcare crisis.

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This program is for everyone; all levels of yoga.



October 9-11, 2020



ROOM & BOARD: Starts at $165 per person / per night

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639 Whispering Hills Rd,

Boone, North Carolina 28607