Subtle® Yoga Teacher Training Certification for Behavioral Health Professionals: Teaching Yoga to Individuals and Groups

Four, 4 day modules (103 hours CEUs with 4 hours of ethics) Starting Sep 2023


“From a yogic perspective, there is a connection between your posture and your mood…with sustained practice you can shift your emotional baseline toward greater levels of happiness.” – Dr. Timothy McCall, Yoga as Medicine

The Subtle®Yoga Teacher Training Certification for Behavioral Health Professionals focuses on learning how to practice and guide clients through yoga breathing, postures, and meditation practices which can benefit mental health and emotional well-being. Participants will learn to teach safe, effective, accessible yoga practices to individuals and groups with a focus on sharing yoga with clients in behavioral health settings. Participants will be introduced to the basics of postures including alignment, anatomy and physiology, and learn how to adapt practices for an office setting. The theory behind sequencing guidelines which can affect behavioral health will be presented and participants will have the opportunity to practice teaching specific sequences for anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, addiction recovery, and chronic lower back pain – some of these sequences will be offered as “mat” classes, and some as “chair” classes. Particular emphasis will be placed on theory and practices which can create top-down/bottom-up integrated self-regulation as well as those which facilitate neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Participants will also explore Carl Jung’s interpretation of yoga psychology through his analysis of the “subtle body” or chakra system. Reference to yoga paradigms which inform about self-awareness, learning, communication styles, and ethical engagement will also be introduced.

Subtle® Yoga is a broadly applicable, person-centered approach to yoga practice which can be tailored to differing body types/physical abilities and various contexts – from mental illness to public health. Subtle® Yoga incorporates six key processes: mindful movement, breathing practices, meditation, awareness of values/ethical engagement, spiritual development and service. Together these practices promote attention, mindfulness, body awareness, self-regulation, resiliency, self-actualization and pro-social behavior. Subtle® Yoga calms the nervous system, improves breathing, increases the body-mind connection, and is trauma-informed. It is a holistic intervention which can complement and enhance traditional healthcare approaches through health promotion, prevention, treatment or aftercare/recovery and from the individual to population health levels.


Any one-day Subtle Yoga Training, Fundamentals of Yoga in Clinical Practice, Module One- Ethics and Application and Module Two- Addiction Prevention and Recovery.

Completion of this training and the prerequisites will qualify participants to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 hour level.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the scope and depth of yoga practice from a public health perspective and how research findings may be applied to clinical practice in a mental health setting to improve clinical outcomes.
  2. Explain basic neuroscience research findings as applied to mental health and recovery.
  3. Facilitate several basic yoga techniques that may be used in clinical interventions with clients to reduce perception of pain.


Four, 4 day modules (103 hours CEUs with 4 hours of ethics)


September 7-10, 2023

October 26-29, 2023

November 16-19, 2023

December 14-17, 2023







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