SUBTLE® YOGA For Trauma Recovery: A One Day Introduction

October 28, 2022


Subtle® Yoga incorporates ethical engagement, breathing techniques, healing movement, meditation, and other practices which can improve mental health, and foster resiliency in the body and mind.

In this workshop participants will learn basic yoga practices to improve the symptoms of trauma, including brief interventions for self-soothing and grounding, and longer terms strategies for befriending the body, calming the nervous system, and moving toward self-regulation, healing, and empowerment.

Research findings on the efficacy of yoga for PTSD will be presented, including understandings of how yoga recruits neuroplasticity to affect healing through both top-down and bottom up strategies. The benefits of yoga in clinical settings will be explored. Opportunity to practice yoga during the workshop will help participants learn to utilize basic skills to help improve client outcomes and for clinician self-care.

“It’s interesting that right now there are about six to ten million people in America who practice yoga… They’ve discovered that there’s something they can do to regulate their internal systems.”

Bessel van der Kolk, MD author, The Body Keeps the Score



Upon Completion of this Workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how basic Subtle Yoga techniques may be incorporated into clinical practice to reduce symptoms of trauma.
  2. Demonstrate at least 3 trauma informed best practices for clinical application of yoga.
  3. Show how to present Subtle Yoga techniques to diverse groups with different belief systems and a range of movement abilities.

Subtle® Yoga is a broadly applicable, person-centered approach to yoga practice which can be tailored to differing body types/physical abilities and various contexts – from mental illness to public health. Subtle® Yoga incorporates six key processes: mindful movement, breathing practices, meditation, awareness of values/ethical engagement, spiritual development and service. Together these practices promote attention, mindfulness, body awareness, self-regulation, resiliency, self-actualization and pro-social behavior. Subtle® Yoga calms the nervous system, improves breathing, increases the body-mind connection, and is trauma-informed. It is a holistic intervention which can complement and enhance traditional healthcare approaches through health promotion, prevention, treatment or aftercare/recovery and from the individual to population health levels.


October 28, 2022




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