Subtle® Kids Yoga

Become a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga Teacher!

Subtle® Kids Yoga Training is a cutting edge program designed to help you feel great about your capacity to share yoga with kids.

In this, Yoga Alliance Approved training you will learn to teach dynamic, fun, evidence-informed practices to help kids self-regulate and focus their energy through developmentally appropriate, fun and neuro-scientifically oriented postures, breathing practices, and meditations.

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You will learn how to facilitate a supportive environment and develop the skills needed to feel confident leading Kids Yoga classes. Like all of our programs, Subtle® Kids Yoga Training also includes powerful self-care practices just for you. Subtle® Kids Yoga Training was designed with the recognition that the health of our youth is of paramount importance to the health of our society.

Highlights include:

• Overview and understanding of the brain and learning

• Key aspects of child development including key executive functions

• Stress and relaxation responses

• The importance of social emotional learning on the capacity for developing caring, responsible students

• The impact of positive and negative experiences on learning, behavior and relationships

These concepts will be explored in the context of developing children who are resilient and ready to learn and will also provide an understanding of the effects of adverse early experience on stress, resilience and behavioral control. The skills gained in this training are appropriate to all students across grade levels; however, they are also useful as research-based interventions for use within the Response to Instruction (RtI) framework.

A review of both the stress and relaxation responses will serve to connect the understanding of brain science into the larger arena of learning and behavior that is often observed within the classroom for both typical students, as well as students with learning and behavioral challenges, such as those experienced by students with specific learning disabilities, ADHD or autism.

kids yoga

Practical application of yoga practices will be provided designed to address the need for stress management through the activation of the relaxation response to allow for the appropriate level of calm alertness that facilitates the engagement of the learning brain.

Subtle® Kids Yoga Teacher Training program balances relevant research and theory with a practical application of yoga teaching skills and activities. All those with a sincere interest in sharing yoga with kids are invited to participate. Our excellent faculty includes yoga therapist Karey Tom, RYT500 and several exemplary guest teachers.

With the rise in childhood obesity, allergies, asthma, learning disabilities and drug use, we see yoga as a powerful prevention strategy which can help change the health trajectory of our society. By giving kids skills to both self-regulate and to look deeply inside of themselves to find purpose and meaning in life, Subtle® Kids offers a beacon of hope for the future.

Upcoming Subtle Kids - Children's Yoga Teacher Certification Program:

Beginning June 24 in Charlotte, NC.

June 10-11
July 22-23
Aug. 12-13
Sept. 16-17
Oct. 14-15
Nov. 4-5


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Charlotte, NC 28209

Tuition – $1495

A Yoga Alliance Approved RCYS School

Can't make one of the weekends?

No worries - you can miss a whole weekend (or two different days) and still complete the training!
The make up date is December 9. If you can't make December 9, the other option is to have a private session with Karey. Fees apply.