My son’s little nose is a bit red and chapped right now – and he’s been tired and a little cranky. It’s that time of year. For kids it’s not a bad thing to be a bit under the weather as long as it’s not too frequent. Their immune systems are still developing.

Germs are helpful in this process. But grown ups have been through that and frequent colds during the winter are avoidable if we make an effort to keep our immune systems strong.

So here are some ideas…

First, sleep.

Why do we have this bias against sleep in our culture? I saw a bumper sticker for a coffee shop the other day that said, “Sleep is for the Weak” That’s just great. Drink more coffee so you don’t have to sleep. Of course this makes your adrenaline glands go into overdrive and then konk out, so then you have to wake them up again with more coffee.

Your poor adrenaline glands – did it ever occur to you that they might have feelings too and don’t enjoy being treated like slaves? They have rights too! Free your adrenaline glands!

Let them rest for god’s sake. Drink less coffee and sleep more, take a nap on Saturday, go to bed early at least one night a week. After lunch, shut your door, turn off your phone, put on some Coyote Oldman or Shaman’s Dream Project, put your legs up the wall, slap on an eyebag and breathe for 15 minutes.

A little rest goes a long way to keeping us healthy. More tips coming soon…


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