Well, it happened – I got sick. And not just a little sick – a full-on, whopping, if-I-move-I’ll-throw-up stomach flu sick. We went to my brother’s house in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. My sister came with her three young children, green bean casserole, and kisses laced with stomach flu – which many of the other guests enjoyed two days later, thank you very much. 

Fortunately my son didn’t get sick. Whew! Just my husband and I. So the two of us layed in bed all day at my brother’s house the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Bhaerava spent most of the day shooting his 11 year-old cousin’s nerf dart gun at the wall above our heads.

Here’s another tip: The day after you get the stomach flu, do not travel by car for 15 hours back to North Carolina. That’s how I got the head/chest cold, which, much to its amusement, is still lingering. Although it’s completely against my very nature, I am forced to do nothing (save a bit of blogging ;->). I would blame the entire senario on the life-force sucking vibration of northern New Jersey, but that would not be very nice. Let’s just say I’m happy to be home. I’d much rather be sick in the very near vicinity of several health food stores, acupuncture clinics and people who let me come over and lay on their Migun beds.

Now here’s the fun part: Once safely back in the sane village of Asheville, I got out my neti pot – filled it with slightly warmer than body temperature water, 1/4 t. of very fine sea salt, and 5 sprays of colloidal silver (that tip was from my fantastic acupuncture friend Natalie Allard.)

Wow! Nasal irrigation is awesome! It’s made me feel so much better. White flour is a good thing to stay away from, but hard when my son has been begging me to bake gingerbread friends with him. So I’m also trying to get in a few bowls of steamy miso soup – with lots of ginger broth and root veggies. Yum (but, um, not as “yum” as the gingerbread friends).

And then there’s the relaxing part. I’m so good at dishing out the advice aren’t I? So I have actually been spending a few minutes relaxing each day with my legs up the wall and meditating a bit more than usual (and if I neti first I can actually breath through my nose for a while!). Sickness is a good mirror – what are you doing? slow down! and if you don’t slow down I’ll make ya!


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