"I purchased your kit for stress and anxiety this morning. Thank you for putting out this thoughtful, easy to follow and useful practice. It is particularly useful to have a chair practice clearly laid out, incorporating different aspects of creating ease, coupled with stress reduction. I am seeing more and more need for such a practice, not only for an aging population, but also for people in the midst of, or recovering from, illness, injury or trauma….and those who are just plain stressed out! I will take this to my students with gratitude."

Carol Hancock
Decatur, AL

What people are saying:

While medication is commonly prescribed, if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in holistic solutions. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to naturally reduce their stress and anxiety with the simple mind body techniques.

I have had a lifelong acquaintance with anxiety. Previous yoga classes I've attended made it worse - am I good enough to be able to do the poses? What if I'm not flexible enough? What if I'm the worst student in the class? Yoga just heightened my inner fear dialogue. But Subtle Yoga is SO different. Instead of focusing on the perfect poses, the focus is on connecting with my body. And as I connect to myself, the anxiety is soothed. After each class I feel grounded, peaceful, and actually loving my own body. Thank you, Kaoverii.  

Susan Enderle Asheville, NC

You helped me explain to my sister that helping her dog cross over was not only not selfish (she was agonizing over being exhausted from caring for him at 14), but that taking on his suffering was the least selfish and most compassionate thing she could do. Thanks. Now I'm going to go cry a little.

Brandy Clements Asheville, NC

I have learned through the practice that you have shared with me to recognize when I am beginning to settle into those familiar patterns of depression and anxiety. I have learned to recognize them, and to remind myself (through my practice, through pranayama, and through meditation) to breathe...and with every breath I move just a bit closer to the essence of me, and farther from the burdensome concept of me.

Katie Burrus Huntsville, AL

Not sure if yoga is for you?

If you have had doubts about tapping into the healing benefits of yoga because you don’t think you have the right yoga body, clothes, personality, etc., be assured that Subtle Yoga is accessible and adaptable to any condition.

If you are breathing, you can do Subtle Yoga!

I understand anxiety. I’ve dealt with it periodically since I was a kid. I am sure that if these natural practices can help me, they can help anyone. I’m not peddling snake oil or a quick fix, but I’m absolutely certain that the techniques I’ve learned, developed, and taught for the past 20 years help many people feel better and live healthier lives.

If you were sure that these practices would help you learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety, wouldn’t you want to see if they are right for you?

I created The Subtle Solutions for Soothing Anxiety and Stress kit, which includes a video chair practice, an eBook, and an audio relaxation download, to help you, right now, begin reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

I've had anxiety for years. When I began Subtle Yoga, I started having a relationship with my body. The body had never really been discussed before in therapy besides breathing techniques and heart rate. I am still learning and listening to my body's gentle whispers and nudges that precede any anxious symptoms I would’ve noticed before. I do about 25-30 minutes of yoga most evenings before bedtime. All  Subtle Yoga techniques - nothing crazy difficult. It has worked wonders for me. It's a relationship that happens subtly with my body - nothing overt I had to force. It's a new way of knowing about and taking care of myself.

Katie Thomas, LCSW Sanford, NC

Many years ago now Kristine Kaoverii Weber showed me how to start doing yoga in bed while I was bedridden. I started with lifting a leg or an arm and turning an ankle or wrist while the limb was in the air. Today I walk and run about healthy once again. It was that yoga that started the process out of bed.

Monica Cassani Asheville, NC

I’ve been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and studying natural healing techniques for much longer.

I’ve spent a lot of time teaching in yoga studios. But over the years, because of my commitment to reaching more people with mind-body therapies, I’ve also spent a lot of time in medical and mental health settings – providing yoga, massage, acupressure, education, and other holistic modalities to clients and patients. These venues are vastly different settings than yoga studios.

As a yoga teacher who cares deeply about health, I felt worried that so many people who I knew could benefit from yoga, were not going to get what they needed. Even classes that are labeled “beginners” often involve poses that are completely inaccessible to all those except dancers and gymnasts.

Start feeling better today!

So many people who have anxiety also have physical challenges and limitations that prevent them from being able to do yoga. If you are in this category, I developedthe Subtle Solutions for Anxiety and Stress kit to help you specifically.
You will find accessible, simple practices that you can do right now to help you reduce feelings of agitation and feel better.

I often post about these techniques on Facebook and Instagram. So please like Subtle Yoga on Facebook and follow @Subtleyoga on Instagram to get free videos regularly.

So how does it work?

Here’s what you’ll learn from the Subtle Solutions for Soothing Anxiety and Stress kit:
  • The underlying causes of stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Why conventional treatment is not enough
  • Natural, easy solutions to help you better manage your stress and anxiety
  • Simple ways to take charge of your anxiety and limit or eliminate your symptoms
  • Empowering techniques you can do at home
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I am aware that I have the tools to connect my body to what I am feeling emotionally through the teachings of Subtle Yoga. I have multiple mental illness diagnoses and am sometimes in a place emotionally where medication and therapy cannot touch my sadness or my hypomania. If I stop and ground myself I am able to feel where in my body I sense these negative thoughts, I can then concentrate on healing the physical “heaviness” with pranayama and asana. Usually the breath is enough to bring me back to a functioning level. My mind stays redirected and when it drifts back to negative thinking I go back to breath, body awareness and asanas. Through Subtle Yoga I have found a practice that joins the energetic body to the emotional thinking that gets me in trouble. This awareness makes dealing with the highs and lows I experience manageable and somewhat controlled.  

Michelle Karmel Asheville, NC

Here's what you'll receive:

ebook Download

Subtle® Solutions for Soothing Anxiety: 5 Natural Techniques

Video Access

Subtle Solutions for Anxiety and Stress Chair Practice

Audio Download

Trauma Informed Deep Relaxation

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