Just about everything in life improves when it’s well sequenced.

Yoga classes are no different.

You may choose to do shoulder stand right in the beginning of your practice, but if you know how to logically sequence a practice that prepares your neck, shoulders, core strength, legs and breath beforehand, your shoulder stand is not only going to feel better, it will also have a more powerful physiological effect and be less likely to injure your neck (in the short or the long term). In general this is true for all of the more challenging poses. 

Additionally, if you are interested in pranayama, or even if you have a regular pranayama practice, if you add a well sequenced asana practice with appropriate ratio breathing patterns, your pranayama practice will be so much more effective and you’ll really notice a significant difference in your nervous system – right away!

Good sequencing is like alchemy – it is transformative to your body, mind and spirit. You will love the way these classes make you feel – and if you are a teacher, your students will love your sharing these new tools with them.

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