Talking about Breath-Centered vs. Fitness-Focused Yoga Practice

Last week a participant in my online training asked for some help finding the right language to explain how Subtle Yoga is different from alignment or fitness-based yoga. She was trying out for a new teaching gig and was concerned because she’d been warned that a popular teacher in her community was planning on coming to her class and would, most likely, heavily critique her. Seriously?! I’d be so freaked out!

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Yoga Class, Politics, and (mostly) Keeping my Mouth Shut

It was in 2003, right after the U.S. invaded Iraq. A student came up to me after class to tell me how much better she felt.
“Both of my boys were deployed,” she said sadly with a sigh. “And this class was exactly what I needed.”
“That must be really hard as a mom. . .” I responded and before I could stop myself the words tumbled out of my enormous mouth, “especially for such a pointless war.”

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Hawking Yoga in the Halls of Congress

I’m standing in a white marble hallway on the second floor of the Rayburn building attempting to entice passersby to stop in and sample a treatment. Just behind me are tables covered in boxes of Arnica gel and acupuncture brochures. I’m waiting for congressional staff (and who knows if they’ll actually show up for their appointments) in the “integrative therapy room.”

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When “Take a Deep Breath” Causes Panic

I was recently asked what to do when breathing cues cause anxiety during asana practice. The yoga teacher who asked was feeling at a loss as to how to help her student use her breath in asana practice without triggering her. Here is my response.

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3 Yoga Practices To Help You Ring in the New Year

  We all saw a lot of “good riddance to 2016” posts. It was a hard year for many including my family. My husband’s mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January and died in June. His father died in August from complications from COPD. Everyone knows that...

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5 Tips for Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga

5 Tips for Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga 1. Create Safety Create a safe space for clients to feel comfortable and at ease. The room should be well lit and accessible. Because predictability is important in trauma recovery, you may want to teach a similar sequence each...

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