The Transformative Power of Offering and Gratitude

When I was in India in 1995, I spent time at a women's ashram in Kolkata. The head nun there was round and lively. She had many administrative duties including acting as a liaison to the nearby men's ashram and coordinating the community service projects. But she also...

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Why Do They Leave?

She showed up for a few classes. She was tall and thin with short, neat, graying hair, simple black framed glasses, and an athletic body. However she didn’t last long, after just a few weeks she dropped out. I’ll admit I felt deflated.

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Untangling Yin, Yang and Yoga

Brmhana and Langhana are similar to Yang and Yin, but not equal, they have different therapeutic applications because they are underpinned by different worldviews and mythologies. They are embedded in very different, ancient, complex, nuanced philosophies.

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Tesla, Yoga, and Endogenous Luxury

Tesla, Yoga, and Endogenous Luxury By Kristine Kaoverii Weber | June 14, 2021 COMMENTSMy 17-year-old wants a Tesla. He shows me different models and their latest features. He talks about how it can pick me up at the grocery store curb. He tells me about the computer,...

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Tolerating Everything But the Kitchen Sink (Blog)

Moving to a new country has got me thinking a lot about contentment and tolerance. I’m used to having a two-sink kitchen sink, but here I only have one, I’m used to having a clothes dryer, here I have a line, I’m used to calling my mom whenever I want, here I have to think about the time difference, I’m used to playing my guitar, but currently it’s vacationing (with most of my other worldly possessions) on a ship in the middle of the pacific.

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I regularly practice a version of Bhūtaśuddhi meditation, where you imagine yourself floating away from the earth and experiencing the vastness of the universe. And although I’ve been practicing this for several decades, I’ve always had a hard time with it. A long silver tether comes into my mind, connecting me back to the earth and as much as I try to sever it, I often can’t.

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Ripping off the Band-Aid of Illusion

Ripping Off the Band-Aid of Illusion By Kristine Kaoverii Weber | December 31, 2020 COMMENTSSome say that 2020 was the year of removing the veils of illusion, but I think it was more like ripping off Band-Aids. Today, all over the internet, folks are saying “good...

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