Registered Yoga Training (RYT 500)

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Go Beyond the Pretzel

Subtle® Yoga is therapeutic and balancing with postures that are accessible, adaptable, and help:

  • Improve circulation, flexibility, and mobility
  • Establish better body mechanics to prevent injuries
  • Correct maladaptive movement patterns that cause bad posture, discomfort, or pain
  • Release emotionally-charged patterns lodged in the physical body, and
  • Balance your physical, mental, and emotional energy levels to improve overall health

Experience Personal Transformation

Subtle® Yoga helps you:

  • Reduce stress –be calmer and more peaceful
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Connect with your inner Self – mind, body, and spirit — and
  • Realize your life’s purpose and provide strategies for fulfilling it

Ground Yourself in Wisdom

Subtle® Yoga takes you beyond postures by exploring deeper aspects of yoga:

  • Breathwork for improving health and cultivating relaxation
  • Meditation to foster steadiness of mind and centeredness of body and
  • Philosophy for enlightenment using the 8 limbs of yoga

The Subtle® Yoga System will teach you:

How to share yoga with all types of clients in different environments. Clients come from all walks of life and we have a proven system for helping you teach good, solid, safe yoga classes at the 200- and 500-hour level to those clients.

How to leverage the power of community. People learn best and feel most supported when they are helping and being helped by others. Our group process uses cutting edge pedagogy to help you learn better and feel confident in your abilities.

How to incorporate yoga in your professional practice. We attract professionals from many different areas, including health professionals; behavioral health providers; physical, occupational and massage therapists; teachers, fitness industry professionals, and more. Whatever your profession, we will help you learn to use yoga to enhance your professional skills.

A unique method of self-care that will help you have deeply satisfying meditation and asana home practice. Learn to really walk your talk. Our tried and true meditation methods will help you know and embody the wisdom of yoga. Your practice will become the basis for your daily peace of mind, health and well-being, as well as be the spiritual room of riches you can access in order to keep your classes fresh, inspiring and motivational for your students. Our students come out with tools that last them a lifetime!




See What Past Participants Are Saying!

I now feel that I have a clear idea of how yoga therapy can help various diseases. I feel prepared. The training has given me models that I can apply. Tremendous amount of inspiring and interesting and useful information about how we can heal others with yoga-real yoga.


RYT500, Asheville, NC

My understanding of yoga therapy has grown tremendously since I have been here. To learn about the vagus, Ayurveda, the chakra system, anatomy etc. from a deeper, more subtle level has been profound. It goes beyond what is on the surface only…Continue this work; it is much needed in our time.



My experience in the past has primarily been structural so the interweaving of the chakras & prana has definitely helped me understand yoga therapy from the energetic level. The training has helped to improve my confidence in the sequencing & selection of poses. It has also helped me to understand how the breath and different breath-work techniques can influence the practice & outcomes of the practice.


RYT500, Asheville NC


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