Professional Trainings

professional trainings

Our professional trainings include:

  • Yoga teacher trainings, at the RYT 200 and RYT 500 level
  • Yoga teacher trainings for behavioral health professionals
  • Shorter trainings for behavioral health professionals
  • Personlized yoga trainings for specific organizations (e.g. educators, nurses, or corporate wellness)

Despite the rising cost of health care, outcomes remain bleak. A yoga-enhanced health and human services system offers solutions for treatment, aftercare, prevention, and health promotion.

We provide professional trainings to individuals and to organizations in the fields of health, human services and education. Yoga is an evidence based integrative health system that offers multiple modes for health improvement. Our professional trainings provide you with the tools you need to help you thrive.


Subtle® Yoga's RYT200 Professional Training

The Subtle® Yoga Training and Personal Transformation Program provides a unique opportunity for sustained immersion in the ancient art-science of yoga. These professional trainings lead you to a deeper awareness of yourself and your world. You will gain the ability to teach safe, effective yoga classes which offer students the experience of the power of yoga.

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Subtle® Yoga's RYT500 Professional Training

The Subtle® Yoga RYT500 Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program weaves the knowledge base of public and behavioral health into yoga philosophy and practice. These professional trainings create a holistic health framework. Please note, this program is for anyone who has already completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training (Subtle® Yoga Training or another) and wishes to pursue RYT500 status.

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Subtle® Yoga's Behavioral Health Professional Trainings

Subtle® Yoga's Behavioral Health Professional Trainings are the first yoga trainings offered by a major continuing education provider for health professionals in the United States. Participants will learn how to integrate the ancient technology of yoga into modern behavioral health. Additionally, participants will  be able to teach safe and effective yoga to individual clients and groups, and incorporate yoga techniques for self-care and self-actualization.

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I never realized the depth of the applications for various forms of therapy.

D.M. Reidsville

Thank you! Your words, your teachings and the way you presented the material permitted me to heal something I have been struggling with for a long time.


Thank you for a beautiful experience. I feel like I really opened into my true potential.

Padma Senteno