The Neurobiology of the Subtle Body |Sept 22 – 23, 2018


In this workshop, we will look at the intersection of the subtle body and the nervous system – what Kaoverii calls the “7 Brain Model of Human Health.” Drawing from both ancient wisdom and contemporary neuroscience, Kaoverii will lay out a theory that integrates both the yogic and the scientific models, and guide you through transformational practices that can catalyze health and wellness.

If scientific materialism’s models of human health and healing were adequate, we would have good outcomes. But, in the U.S., we spend more than $3 trillion each year, 86 percent of which pays, not for cures, but to help people cope with chronic diseases.

Whatever you think causes a problem will determine how you address it; and whatever you think human existence is about will determine how you approach illness, health, and wellness.

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