I have been working with a young, talented artist and yoga teacher, Caitlin Luedke, on creating some cartoons and graphics to help young people understand the important of cultivating feelings of safety in the body with a simple explanation of polyvagal theory. Safe feelings or even any good feelings are often absent in people who struggle with addition issues, body image issues and who have experienced trauma, especially developmental trauma. You may want to read this past blog too for more info on yoga and polyvagal theory.

In my work in the addiction recovery field, these kinds of psycho-educational tools have proven useful in helping clients understand why yoga therapy is an essential part of recovery. There are not a lot of simple tools like this that explain the benefits of yoga beyond fitness. So that’s why we created it.

I printed a bunch out and shared them at conferences and workshops. And I want this information to get out there so I’m posting it here now. It is copyrighted material, but I’m giving you written permission here to print them out and distribute to those you feel might benefit from this knowledge. Or share it on social media. Feedback is quite welcome. Thank you for your interest and for the healing you do in this world.


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