Courses Offered Through Subtle® Yoga

Chair Yoga for Brain Health

Chair Yoga for Brain Health is a 10 day online program of safe, accessible chair yoga, to get you started on the road to a healthier brain – physically, emotionally and mentally.
For 10 days you’ll receive a daily, short (15 minutes or less) chair yoga video focusing on specific movements and breathing to support your brain and nervous system. (You can keep the link and watch as often as you like!)

Plus you’ll also receive a journal (with journaling prompts) and motivational quotes.

Cultivating Calm in Times of Crisis – A Subtle® Yoga Tool Kit

Discover how to help your students get through this crisis… by gaining an incredible skill set from the comfort of your home and within a few hours!

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The Science Of Slow

Class Length: 5 Module Online Course
Level:For Yoga Professionals

The Science of Slow is a 5 module online course for yoga teachers that will teach you the cutting-edge science-based theory AND practice on how slow movement SPECIFICALLY benefits the 5 most common health challenges your students may be experiencing; Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic pain and Body Image/Weight Management.

The Yoga & Neuroscience Connection

Class Length: 5 Module Online Course
Level: For Yoga Professionals

Whether you have NO knowledge of the relationship between yoga and neuroscience, or some knowledge but could use support conveying it confidently and effectively, The Yoga & Neuroscience Connection will give you the training, tools and resources to transform your teaching and reach new levels of mastery.

Signature Program: Subtle® Yoga Revolution Online Teacher Training

Class Length: 40 Hours
Level: All Levels

A 40 hour online course (delivered via info-packed modules) that will transform your teaching so that you’ll be able to expertly share slow, mindful practices that are safe, beneficial and fun – for all people regardless of age or capacity. This course will give you exactly what you need to expertly share slow, conscious yoga and get it to all the people who so desperately need it.

The Connect To Health Care Kit™

Class Length: 3 Module Online Program with downloadable marketing materials
Level: All Yoga Professionals

A kit to help you confidently connect with Health Care Professionals so that you can get your work to the people who really need it.

Not sure which of our online courses to enroll in?

Check out this summary; all three courses compared on the one page! And you may even get a discount…

Join The Subtle® Yoga Revolution and get slow, mindful yoga to more people who really need it!

Courses Offered Through Yoga U Online

Reenergize and Revitalize | Yoga for Detoxification

Class Length: Two One Hour Sessions, Plus 3 Yoga Practices
Level: All Levels
Price: $87.00

In this course, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, founder of Subtle® Yoga, looks at the science of detoxification and yoga practices that target the digestive organs to help clear away toxins and enable better functioning. Through videos and lecture, you will learn poses, pranayamas and other practices that facilitate cleansing of the digestive, respiratory and lymphatic system. Kaoverii will also introduce acupressure points and self-massage techniques to assist the detoxification process.

The Seven Chakras Series

Level: All Levels
Price: $59.95

In this 7-part audio download series by Kristine Kaoverii Weber, you will learn what the traditional Tantric texts have revealed about these sacred energy centers. You will also be introduced to some of Carl Jung’s theory about each chakra and their relevance to your physical and emotional health, and spiritual growth.  Kaoverii supplies basic asanas for each chakra which can help balance these centers as well as simple meditations and mudras.

The Five Layers of Health | Ancient Yogic Insights into Healing and Well-being

Class Length: Two One Hour Sessions Plus Yoga Practice Videos
Level: All Levels
Price: $87.00

In this webinar and yoga practice series, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, the founder of Subtle Yoga, will explain how the Kosha model can be used, with other models of health (including the biopsychosocialspiritual model, the socioecology model, and the chakra system model), to help us achieve better health and wellness – individually and as a society. She will also give a detailed description of, and sample practices for, each Kosha.

Journey Through the Chakras | Working with the Subtle Body In Yoga

Class Length: Four One Hour Sessions Plus Yoga Practice Video
Level: All Levels
Price: $127.00

In this course, Kristine will lay out the knowledge of the Tantric chakra system, as detailed in the Mahanirvana Tantra and the Sat Cakra Nirupama. Kristine will also offer basic asanas practices, which can help balance these centers.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life – Yoga, Neuroplasticity and the Art of Conscious Transformation

Class Length: 4 One-Hour Sessions Plus Yoga Practice Videos
Price: $169.00

In this online course, Kristine will present several yoga practices which can be targeted to undo conscious and unconscious patterning, help you free yourself from the effects of unhealthy stories, and embody new stories of self-understanding, hope, and thriving.


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