Haiti is a mess. The worst hurricanes in years have devastated an already devastated island. It’s not like Haiti had something and then it got trashed – Haiti never had anything to begin with.

About 3 years ago my friend Demeter, who was living here in Asheville at the time, built a couple of houses, took the money he had made and and bought an old school bus. With the help of members of Ananda Marga and Jubilee Church, he loaded it up with donated food, and medical and school supplies, drove it to Miami, put it on a boat and sailed it to Haiti. Since then he’s gotten some serious grant money from various sources and basically built most of the infrastructure (roads, wells, etc.) in one area of the island near the city of Gonaives.
Right now Gonaives, which is a major city by the way, is under 9 feet of water. People are stranded on their roofs.

All the roads and bridges leading to the city have been destroyed leaving virtually no way for aid to get to the people. The death toll is rising, and very soon food will run out and diseases will set in. So residents are expecting Demeter and his team to fix things in his area because they are already there and established. But his resources have been demolished – they’ve lost their cars and motorcyles, a lot of their computers, and a lot of his staff has evacuated also.

They need laptops badly and just about anything else. Here’s his website:

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”
-Dalai Lama

Demeter in Haiti


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