I’m a late bloomer in general – my husband says it was because I was induced at birth (that’s his excuse too). I think many babies born in the 60s were induced so maybe it’s the excuse of everyone on the Baby-boomer/Gen X cusp.  It took me a long time to realize I really needed to switch my site over to wordpress. But I’m here now. Whew! It’s lovely. Can’t wait to get blogging again.

I have heaps of stuff coming out of my sixth cakra waiting to be written down. Stay tuned for a slew of entries about third cakra power reclaiming – coming soon! I also have something to write about Yoga Journal and Seane Corn’s work.

If I didn’t need to sleep, I’d write every day – it’s what fills my spirit – but my spirit is also filled by teaching yoga so i spend a good chunk of time doing that and training others to teach yoga – just graduated 16 students from the Subtle Yoga Training and Personal Transformation program yesterday – and the applications for this year’s program (begins in March) have already started streaming in! No rest for the wicked…ly passionate about yoga that is (who knew I’d quote Ozzy in this one?).

Hari Om!



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