My friend told me her 4 year old daughter just did her first neti pot. She was so happy, she said, “It was sort of like watching her take her first steps, I was so excited!”

I love Asheville…

Anyway, this particular child has had quite a few issues in her four short years of life. Her mom has done some amazing healing work with her with homeopathy and essential oils, and now that she can neti, she’s on her way to even better health.

We don’t clean our nose in this culture – it’s kinda bizarre, in fact when I think about it, it’s down right barbaric. We wash our faces, but there’s not the instruction to get in there with some water and clean out the old schnoz. It doesn’t deserve such blatant neglect! Your nose deserves to be washed as much as your face does.  And if you can just get a little water up in there and blow it out once a day or so it’s about all it needs.

But it can feel like drowning to some people – others don’t like the chlorine – for others it’s the pressure in the sinuses. So for the sensitive types among us, there is this incredible ancient invention – the neti pot. After Oprah did a show on neti my friend Matthew Cox’s website all about neti pots started getting all sorts of hits.

He’s a veritable neti officianado! Everything you could ever want or need to know about neti pots and more! (and by the way, he did my website and he’s a great tabla player and an all around great guy in general)

The thing that’s great about neti-ing is that it fights off the bad guy germs from the get-go. If you neti regularly you’ll improve your chances of staying healthy this winter.

Now about getting stronger on the inside, I want to talk a bit about the lympatic system and the yoga world’s take on it…

but i’ll save that for next week..


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