Have a listen: http://www.mofro.net/music/ (it’s no. 12 on Orange Blossoms – click on the album cover and then scroll down on the right side)

It didn’t really hit me until I saw Jesse Jackson. He was standing there with wet eyes and his index finger on his mouth, biting his lip to keep from sobbing. That’s when it came through me – this is real. This is happening. And I have been so darn cynical and fearful – and not just for the last 8 years, but for my whole adult life. And I couldn’t believe, I couldn’t believe it was really going to happen. I really thought it would be another stolen election. I really thought at the last minute there would be huge disappointment again. I didn’t want to admit that to anyone, especially not myself. But I was harboring that doubt, I was thinking about moving to New Zealand, I was not hopeful.

And then there he was, crying, because it was real. Because it really was happening. The yogis say hope is in the heart – they believe that actually it’s a petal of the heart chakra – an exquisite, tender petal. When I saw all those thousands of people gathering in Chicago, it just blew my mind. This person has inspired hope. This person has led people into their hearts. And I don’t agree with all of Barack Obama’s policies and I don’t think he’s a savior, but he has given people hope. And that has moved them, at least for the moment, into their hearts. This is a revolution of the heart. I believe that.

My neighbor’s mother voted. She is an addict, she has nothing, but she found some hope in her heart. I’m a believer.


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