Please join us for this free workshop tomorrow night at 7 pm in Asheville. It’s called “Exploring the Tools of great Yoga Classes” – with me and one of Asheville’s most seasoned trainers – Eric Seiler. Eric and I were talking today about the workshop and about how a lot of yoga out there is based on doing fun stuff – but perhaps without much understanding of how you put those poses together to create a positive lasting effect on the body and mind.

While it’s fun to learn new and exciting poses, if you don’t understand how to prepare and compensate for them, you can be putting yourself at risk for injury – and the thing is, a lot of yoga injuries don’t show up for years. So if you learn how to sequence your classes, you can keep yourself, and your students safe. And the first principle of yoga is ahimsa – first do no harm. 

The other aspect of our training that is unique is that we utilize dynamic poses. That means we move in and out of the poses first before we stay in them. This way of teaching creates deep, powerful practices that are truly transformative. Come find out more tomorrow night at 7 at Town and Mountain Training Center in Asheville. And stay for some tea, snacks and details about our upcoming RYT200 training program


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