Fascia: A Pattern That Connects – Ease Deep Tension Patterns

At Visao Futuro With Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA,  c-IATY, eRYT500 | November 1 – 3, 2019


Learn about how the emerging understanding of fascia is revolutionizing the movement and body therapy world.

Since Descartes first separated the body and the mind, scientists have looked at the human body as if it were a machine made up of different parts – but that’s not what we really are as human beings. The body is a complex system made up of many other complex and interwoven systems and interwoven again with the mind and the spirit. And, as the yogis taught us, we are made from the same stuff as the forests, the oceans, the soil and the stardust. We are holograms and fractals of the entire universe.

Fascia gives us a way to understand the human body that reflects the reality of this system. It helps us to understand who we are as human beings and how we heal.

In this workshop, you will get to know your fascia and learn how important it is in health, healing and healthy embodiment. Whether you are a yoga student, a yoga teacher, a health professionals, or simply someone who cares deeply about health and wellbeing, this workshop will give you the tools you need to keep your fascia healthy and happy, to improve your relationship with your body, to increase resilience in your neuroendocrine immune system, and to build the strength of mind necessary for spiritual fulfillment.

Not only will we explore the science of fascia, we will look at how fascia helps us better to understand our connection to each other and to the universe.

Each day will include many practices you can use for yourself and your students or clients if you are a professional as well as four full yoga classes. 

Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Visao Futuro and learn from an internationally renowned expert in the science of yoga.


November 1 – 3, 2019


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