Diving Into Connection

By Kristine Kaoverii Weber | December 24, 2020


​On Christmas eve, after bath time, my mother always lit a special candle and gathered all my siblings around her. I felt the soft, snuggly-ness of my clean, damp skin against my pajamas, my quietly breathing, kneeling little sisters pressing up against me, and the sacredness of the moment.

It was dark, peaceful, and intimate. My mom would lead us in prayers, then we’d be quiet for a few moments before getting tucked in. I remember feeling safe and loved, warm, happy, excited…and connected.

After a year that’s been so isolating in so many ways, it can be hard to feel connected – particularly during the holidays when connection is something that I crave deeply.

And yet there is a broader reality which is this: we are undeniably interconnected and interdependent, regardless of our physical proximity.  

Even though I haven’t seen so many people that I care about this year, when I slow down and enter into stillness, I know they are with me somehow. There’s a vibrational ocean of oneness that connects us all – and it’s real, not just a nice metaphor. 

This vibrational ocean is the source, the root of our connection.

So, the question I’m asking right now is this: how can I dive deeper into that vibrational ocean?

I know that when I meditate sincerely and regularly, and immerse myself in that ocean, I’m (almost paradoxically) much more connected to the people I love, and to everyone else, and to everything else on the planet as well.

This is the time of year that calls me to turn within, go into the stillness, move deeper and deeper inside myself.

And, in the depths of that singularity, the connection is irrefutable – in fact, it becomes the only reality. 

The force that propels me to dive deeper is the most attractive and powerful force in the universe: Love. Love is the water that vibrates and reifies the interconnected ocean. It’s the water that I want to swim in.

Human beings need to be close, we are hardwired for connection. But when we connect to the source of all love, then physical separation becomes bearable. And at the very least we can feel okay about being apart during these times when physical separation is saving lives.

Turning within every day greatly diminishes any lingering feelings of loneliness or isolation. It reminds me of the eternal interconnectedness of all things. It diminishes sadness and makes my life meaningful. It situates my existence as integral, as an essential vibrational aspect of the ocean.

I hope you have some time this season for stillness, quiet, and the inner exploration that leads to the ocean of oneness.

May your holidays be filled with love and deep connection.


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