Why I don’t take my yoga hot and sweaty

Here is a simple graphic I’ve been using in my training programs (and in yoga classes) to explain why the yoga I teach is different from other kinds of yoga out there. When I moved to Asheville in 2001, I realized I had a problem. I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t coming to my classes. I had […]

Bringing more peace to this world – Free Summit!

Bringing more peace to this world – Free Summit! About a month ago a woman named Dannette from San Diego called me out of the blue. She said she’d been following my work on Yoga U and was wondering if I’d participate in her free Stress Relief Simplified summit. I was honored to be asked […]

Connection – The Healing Fractal of Yoga

The other day I recorded an interview for a webinar/summit about simple solutions for stress relief. (I’ll share details about the summit as the time approaches so you can join – it starts April 4.) As I started to sift through my mental files for what to teach, it occurred to me that the deeper vision of yoga […]

3 Yoga Practices To Help You Ring in the New Year

    We all saw a lot of “good riddance to 2016” posts. It was a hard year for many including my family. My husband’s mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January and died in June. His father died in August from complications from COPD. Everyone knows that losing loved ones is a major […]

Dealing with Heightened Stress

  Many of my students and clients are in overdrive right now. Lots of fear, anxiety, worry and stress. It’s the holiday season of course, which often triggers people. It can be hard to cope with memories of loved ones who are gone. But, for some, politics and world events have added a layer stress to what may be […]

Subtle Yoga in Brazil

A few weeks ago I taught a workshop at Visao Futuro near Sao Paulo in Brazil. What a spectacular venue for a yoga retreat! Between the scenery, the people, the spirit and the food – Wow! (or should I say “Oi!”) my heart is filled with the sublime kindness of this place. I’ll be teaching there […]

Blueprint for a Healthier America – How Does Yoga Fit into this Design?

Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016 – How Does Yoga Fit into this Design? So this just came out from the Trust for America’s Health – Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016: Policy Priorities for the Next Administration and Congress My first response is: hello policy wonks, can you please start taking yoga seriously? Because […]