Neurobiology of the 8 Limbs of Yoga – Hardwired for Hypervigilance

Back in 2009,  at one of my workshops for mental health professionals, a woman approached me afterwards with a comment, “The presentation was nice, but I really didn’t get what I wanted out of this workshop,” she said, peering over the top of her readers with a frown.  “I wanted to hear about how depression affects the brain and […]

What’s the Yoga Meme?

I think it’s useful to be clear about the kind of memes we use when talking about yoga. A “meme” is kind of like a gene – but it relates to the whole culture, not just individuals. It’s something that spreads virally – and like genes, it can self-replicate and mutate. Interestingly (but not surprisingly) that word has […]

Yoga Therapy – the cool kids were there

SYTAR 2017 in Cali Put a bunch of yoga therapy enthusiasts from all sorts of traditions together for four days and here’s what you get: interesting workshops way outside the boundaries of your own personal yogaverse, lots of synergistic ideas, inspiring lectures, gluteal-loads of research, many, many women, yummy Ayurvedic tea samples, books, yoga bling, and […]

Why I don’t take my yoga hot and sweaty

Here is a simple graphic I’ve been using in my training programs (and in yoga classes) to explain why the yoga I teach is different from other kinds of yoga out there. After I moved to Asheville in 2001, I quickly realized I had a problem. I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t coming to my classes. I had […]

Bringing more peace to this world – Free Summit!

Bringing more peace to this world – Free Summit! About a month ago a woman named Dannette from San Diego called me out of the blue. She said she’d been following my work on Yoga U and was wondering if I’d participate in her free Stress Relief Simplified summit. I was honored to be asked […]

Connection – The Healing Fractal of Yoga

The other day I recorded an interview for a webinar/summit about simple solutions for stress relief. (I’ll share details about the summit as the time approaches so you can join – it starts April 4.) As I started to sift through my mental files for what to teach, it occurred to me that the deeper vision of yoga […]