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The Lost Art of Flopping Around

We’re really good at flopping when we’re babies. We roll around, we flop on our parents, we flop on the kitchen floor, on the bed, on the dog. This kind of active flopping has a sort of springiness to it that’s very important developmentally. As we learn to flop around, we also learn how to work with gravity to develop better muscles tone, better proprioception, and greater kinesthetic awareness.

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“Props are for Wimps!” and Other Sage Advice

About 15 years ago, a student I’ll call George showed up for class. He was in his early 60s and had been a runner. But he’d chewed up his knees from years on the pavement, so he started working out at the gym where I was teaching. His chiropractor told him he really needed yoga and recommended my classes. George embarked on his yoga journey intent on doing the hardest poses in the most strenuous fashion, while gritting his teeth or wincing.

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Yoga Helped This Depressed Deadhead (New Research on How)

Streeter identifies a mechanism by which yoga improves Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). She calls it “The Vagal GABA theory.” Essentially, she postulates that specific poses and breathing practices both stimulate the vagus nerve and increase GABA. GABA is the brain’s chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means it has a calming effect on the system.

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Yoga and Widening the Nervous System Windows

Yoga, through its four main “process tools” (ethical engagement, breathing practices, mindful movement, and meditation) offers a comprehensive system to widen those windows of tolerance both cognitively, and via the body/nervous system – or what the neuroscientists call both “Top down” and “Bottom up” self-regulation.

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Slow Yoga: Musings from the Beginning of the Bell Curve

Slow is as much a cultural as it is an individual value. We are at the beginning of the bell curve in terms of society adopting and valuing slow, mindful yoga practices. Western cultures and particularly American culture (which, for better or worse, has seeped into the rest of the world) values speed and productivity. So it’s not surprising that these values have been translated into the yoga world as: Good Yoga = Fast and Strenuous Yoga

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Calling all Princess Leia/General Organa Teachers – Save the Yogaverse!

Last Saturday, while visiting family in South Florida, I wandered into a yoga class. Sometimes while I’m out of town, I just like to see what’s out there and try something new. So I picked a random class and went. There were two other students in the class, a 30 something woman who looked bored and a 40 something man who looked like his doctor sent him.

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Yoga, Bouncing Around, and a New Organ

There's a new organ in your body.  Well.  not really. But science is recognizing the importance of the fascia or connective tissue - (something that yogis and bodywork folks have been working with for years). They've named it the "interstitium" and recognize it as the...

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The Neuroscience of Getting Grounded with Yoga

When I’m having trouble falling asleep and I switch my attention from the superhighway in my head to the expansive, radiant sensations in my body, the ever-present but typically under-the-level-of-consciousness messages my body sends to my brain begin to come online and percolate up into awareness.

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