Getting ready for the winter requires more than just shopping for warm boots and extracting your mittens and scarves from a box in the closet – your body can adjust better to temperature change with a few simple yoga practices.

This is one of my favorite, called Agnisara mudra – it helps to stoke the fire of digestion so that you can transition into a more winter-ish diet more easily and the heavier food we’re more attracted to in the cold, and it also helps move your blood so you feel warmer.

Try it with me here in this short video:

You can do this practice three times – 2-3 times a day before meals. Make sure you really pull your belly (pubic bone to navel) as you exhale and press your fingers into your belly. It will help you digest your meals better, improve your energy and make you feel warmer.

Don’t do this practice if you are pregnant or menstruating or have a serious digestion issue.

Oh and BTW, it’s also a little mini-practice you can do any time so feel free to try it out first thing in the morning, even if you’re not doing any other asanas, it can help make that transition out of a warm bed into the snap of a cool autumn morning much more pleasant.

Om shanti


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