Yoga is for Everybody & Every Body!

There’s a growing realization that yoga is not just for the flexible.

If you are looking for a style of yoga that thinks (and moves) outside the box, you’ve come to the right place.

A sustainable yoga practice adapts to our varying needs depending on our health, lifestyle, age and energy.

Subtle® Yoga is a broadly applicable, person-centered approach to yoga practice which can be tailored to differing body types/physical abilities and various contexts – from mental illness to public health. Subtle® Yoga incorporates six key processes: mindful movement, breathing practices, meditation, awareness of values/ethical engagement, spiritual development and service. Together these practices promote attention, mindfulness, body awareness, self-regulation, resiliency, self-actualization and pro-social behavior. Subtle® Yoga calms the nervous system, improves breathing, increases the body-mind connection, and is trauma-informed. It is a holistic intervention which can complement and enhance traditional healthcare approaches through health promotion, prevention, treatment or aftercare/recovery, from the individual through the population health level.

Go Beyond the Pretzel

Subtle® Yoga is therapeutic and balancing with postures that are accessible, adaptable, and help:

  •  Improve circulation, flexibility, and mobility
  •  Establish better body mechanics to prevent injuries
  •  Correct maladaptive or dysfunctional movement patterns that cause discomfort or pain
  •  Release emotionally-charged patterns lodged in the body
  •  Balance your physical, mental, and emotional energy levels to improve overall health

Experience Personal Transformation

Subtle® Yoga helps you:

Manage stress – be calmer and more peaceful
Reduce anxiety and depression
Connect with your inner Self – mind, body, and spirit
Leverage your spiritual assets
Realize your life’s purpose and provide strategies for fulfilling it

Ground Yourself in Wisdom

Subtle® Yoga takes you beyond postures by exploring deeper aspects of yoga:

Breathwork for improving health and cultivating relaxation
Meditation to foster steadiness of mind and centeredness of body
Philosophy for personal change