A Letter from Your Higher Self

By Kristine Kaoverii Weber | December 31, 2022 COMMENTS

This last day of the year may offer an opportunity to contemplate where you’ve been in 2022, and where you are going in 2023. There’s nothing like the liminal space between years to reflect on the past and allow intentions, visions, and dreams to call out to you and emerge. Visioning is different from making resolutions – which tend to feel sort of punitive. But visioning the future is more about reflecting on your priorities so that you can move forward with greater clarity, hope, and inspiration.

We all have different parts of ourselves – parts that manage, parts that perform, parts that distract, and parts that protect. We also have a central part of ourselves – some call it the Self, or the Higher Self. In yoga, it’s called the atman or jiivatman – and it’s the deepest part. It’s the part that forms and aligns with deep values and higher desires. It’s the part that understands, knows, and loves everyone and everything – most importantly yourself. It’s non-judgmental, but also wise and discerning. It’s as clear as a crystal, as deep as the ocean, and as expansive as the universe.

Your Higher Self knows what matters the most, what needs to be addressed, what deserves to be prioritized, and exactly what to do with your precious time and energy.

The invitation here is to write a letter to yourself from that part of yourself – from your Higher Self. What would you like to do with this precious new year, laid out in front of you like new fallen snow? Who would you like to be? How would you like to show up? What steps will you take?

In this letter, you are welcome to be as general or as specific as you like. You may wish to write about a way of being that you would like to cultivate. You may wish to write about something you wish to accomplish. There are no right answers. This is simply a non-judgmental, heart-felt exploration.

Feel free to freestyle your letter.

Or you may wish to use these prompts to help you:

  • Invite your Higher Self to describe its vision for next year?
  • Invite your Higher Self to describe the steps you should take to manifest that vision?
  • What are some of the specific actions?
  • What does your Higher Self understand about how contemplation, meditation, and self-care can support you through all the challenges ahead? So that you are able to meet them with resilience, fortitude, courage, and clarity? So that you are able to manifest your vision?

Once you’ve done a little journaling, I invite you to review your notes over the next few days. And then, when you feel ready, allow yourself to plan. What could you do in the first week of January? The second? The third? What will your vision look like by March? By June? Write it down, be open to modifying it or changing it as needed. Celebrate the small wins – and be open to learning when you stumble.

You may even wish to save your letter and read it again on December 31, 2023.

This blog is a short excerpt from my mini-course, Visioning 2023.


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