Bringing more peace to this world – Free Summit!

About a month ago a woman named Dannette from San Diego called me out of the blue. She said she’d been following my work on Yoga U and was wondering if I’d participate in her free Stress Relief Simplified summit.

I was honored to be asked and said sure, sounds great – then I found out her other presenters include Rick Hanson, Peter Levine, Nischala Joy Devi, and Richard Miller and I was like “Whoa! those are definitely some folks I’d like to de-stress with!” It starts next Tuesday, April 11 and I will be presenting on Saturday, April 15.

Along with the interview I did with Dannette and Michael, I’m offering, through the summit, a free ebook called “Simple Stress Solutions” and an audio recording of a guided relaxation. Dannette is a lovely person and a yoga therapist. She’s done some great work with helping people navigate fibromyalgia. You can read more about her journey and work here.

And here’s some more about the summit from Dannette and Michael:

“Stressed Out and Overstimulated are not your natural ways of being. There is no denying we are all affected by stress in our lives on a daily basis. In the busyness of our days and under the stressors of life we can lose touch with our resilient and resourceful true nature.

In those lost moments, it’s helpful to seek expert guidance and wisdom to help us recalibrate and recover. We are so pleased to include Kristine Kaoverii Weber on this panel of experts leading the way in bringing more resilience and wellbeing to the world. Stress Relief Simplified Summit is a passion project bringing leading thought experts together to share simple, proven practices to calm your mind and body in an overstimulated world. In this summit you will learn strategies, tips, and practices you can apply immediately to help break the cycle of stress and restore your true state of being.”

I welcome you to register right now using this link.  And join me as part of this larger community committed to bring more peace and calm into the world – simply.


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