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What is Subtle® Yoga?

Subtle® Yoga is a broadly applicable, person-centered approach to yoga practice which can be tailored to differing body types/physical abilities and various contexts – from mental illness to public health.

Subtle® Yoga incorporates six key processes: mindful movement, breathing practices, meditation, awareness of values/ethical engagement, spiritual development and service. Together these practices promote attention, mindfulness, body awareness, self-regulation, resiliency, self-actualization and pro-social behavior.

Subtle® Yoga calms the nervous system, improves breathing, increases the body-mind connection, and is trauma-informed. It is a holistic intervention which can complement and enhance traditional healthcare approaches through health promotion, prevention, treatment or aftercare/recovery, from the individual through the population health level.

What people are saying!

Subtle Yoga Testimonial

“Looking forward to finding connections with others”

I am so excited to learn techniques and dig deeper with my yoga practice. I am a caregiver for my husband with cancer and have been dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety. I live in a beautiful place and walk each day to connect with nature. I am trying to figure out how to have a regular practice when I never know what will happen each day with his health. Looking forward to finding connections with others and learning so much more on this journey.

Wendy Langseth

Subtle Yoga Testimonial

“Thank you for inspiring me”

I am so grateful I have come across the Subtle Yoga website and purchased the Science of Slow. This course has given me the information and confidence to stick by my resolve of teaching a slower more mindful yoga class and not be pressured into teaching faster athletic yoga just because that is what the wider population perceive yoga to be about. Thank you for inspiring me.

Tania Ferreira

Subtle Yoga Testimonial

“I am so grateful for your support”

Hello Kristine, I wanted to let you know that I have gained several new students from presenting the brochures you kindly included in the ‘Connect with Health Care Professionals kit’. I presented mine with a ‘small’ stack of my business cards to a psychologist in my town and received a call asking me if I would be willing to see some of her clients who she felt would benefit from slow mindful yoga. I now have 4 new students from this! Yay! I am so grateful for your support, your generosity and belief in all of us to make this world better with slow mindful yoga.

Rochelle Jolley

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