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  • You will be trained through our tried and true system in how to teach yoga to all types of clients in different environments.
  • The classes are diverse, group-oriented, and community-based – a true collective experience.
  • You will learn how to incorporate yoga in your professional practice, no matter what your profession.
  • Our unique method of self-care will help you have deeply satisfying meditation and asana home practice.




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what clients say

I highly recommend Kaoverii as a teacher for your personal and professional development. She has a wealth of information, a huge kind heart and humor guaranteed to keep you alert. Her suggestions for grounding and energizing are simple and effective for improved mood regulation.
Ingrid Adelsbach , Asheville, NC
I’ve learned so much about yoga as prevention for disease of all kinds and feel that yoga is (once again) the new medicine for mind/body and spirit.
Margaret Kirshner , Asheville, NC
If i didn’t participate in this program, I would still be on a anti-anxiety medication and I would keep covering up my thoughts and emotions with it. My perspective has changed.
T. McGlinn , Charlotte, NC
The Subtle Yoga training has helped me to learn, practice, live and teach Yoga traditionally and authentically in a safe and nurturing environment.
D. Marcialis , Winter Park, FL
” Because of this program, I saw where I have strengths and how to use them  to support others through my teaching. This course integrated healing around my PTSD and counseling. I now have the ability to see myself as a teacher. “
T. Thomas, Cornelius, NC
The facilitators have a deep knowledge and practice that enhances their teachings. I appreciated the focus on the practical applications of yoga therapy and tools to integrate the practice into traditional western medicine. 
Jacci Lea , Asheville, NC
This training is comprehensive and based on current best evidence as well as progressive with an eye on future trends in public healthcare.
Margaret Kirshner , Asheville, NC
I have been studying yoga for a little over 10 years. I have experienced many styles of teaching. I promise nothing compares to the Subtle Yoga training experience.
Karey Molloy Tom
I came to class unprepared and terrified and left happy and peaceful. It’s the most awesome experience I’ve ever had, truly.
Bobbi Creech
Thank you Kaoverii for the vision behind your approach and for the discipline and dedication in offering it to others. Thank you for being a teacher who strives to embody and to live the larger implications of yoga’s teachings and for your willingness to share it with others.
Hadley Morris , Texas
Kaoverii is masterful with her deep body of knowledge of the current research and trends in yoga therapy, along with her personal experience and practice of yoga. She truly embodies this practice and is able to take so much knowledge and convey it so beautifully through the practice and lectures.
Robin Fann-Costanzo , Asheville, NC
With her vast knowledge of the mind/body/spirit connection, her authentically patient humility, and genuine empathy for the human condition; Kaoverii Weber has created a yogic teaching system that is supernaturally inspired!
LaBet Pritchard , Asheville, NC
Kaoverii makes yoga accessible to everyone, and I am so grateful for her teachings and those of the other instructors in her 500 hour training.
Robin Fann-Costanzo , Asheville, NC
The relaxed and friendly atmosphere was most helpful – this is one of the most useful workshops I have attended in social work in years! The presenters complement each other well – both are very knowledgeable and present with such ease and professionalism. I feel comfortable using these techniques in my practice.
Marla Libby , Greenville, S.C.
As a psychology instructor I’ve felt that both the mental and spiritual aspects of life are often left out in both biomedicine and asana classes. I’ve been delighted with the amount of focus these aspects of yoga and wellbeing are given in this training. Thank you so much.
Tracy Chapple , Sylvia, NC
This perspective shift is so important, that I don’t believe it can be ignored. All mental health providers should be required to study the mind/body connection and ways to work within this perspective to promote healing that lasts.
Sherry Lyerly-Tanner , Charlotte, N.C.
This training has awakened something truer in me than I ever knew, even with all of the self-studies and introspective work I’ve done throughout my life…I begin to embark on a clearer, more authentic path- wherever it leads me. I’ve sunk into my bones a little bit more, and I’m more grounded in who I am.
Lisa Rough
She has taught me how important all eight limbs of yoga are and that it’s not just about the physical asanas but the service, meditation, breathwork, devotion, eating, etc. that truly change how we live and give. I cannot recommend highly enough the lifelong value of this program.
LaBet Pritchard , Asheville, NC
Kaoverii’s Subtle Yoga training has forever changed the way that I look at, understand, and practice yoga.  I feel that I have gained the skills to be able to work with a wide variety of students in class and one on one, in a safe and effective way.
Robin Fann-Costanzo , Asheville, NC
I feel well prepared to take yoga out of the studio and gym to reach a much more diverse audience. We’ve covered a lot of ground and learned such a variety of ways to use yoga as a therapeutic tool for a wide range of challenges. I was most excited about the weekends we spent learning of yoga approaches in the mental health arena.
Tracy Chapple , Sylvia, NC
I am inspired by the Subtle Yoga Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training. I feel confident, well-prepared and highly enthusiastic to take my training into the world to serve those who need it most and might not otherwise step into a yoga studio.
Margaret Kirshner , Asheville, NC
The world is waiting for these teachings! My understanding of yoga therapy is much improved. I see how many more tools I have to work with, I also feel that I know a lot intuitively and can draw from all the program’s teachings.
Jacci Lea , Asheville, NC
I would recommend it for anyone wanting a deeper exploration of yoga background and practices, not just for those interested in becoming yoga therapists. However, each student might also be surprised to find ways in which they will use yoga as therapy.
Diana Peterson , Chattanooga, NC
This program has taught me more practical tools for my own life, and for my clients that I ever could have imagined! I learned more in this program than I did from an elite liberal arts education. This program was the most productive, valuable, practical and magical year of my academic life.
Cait Klein , Charlotte, NC
The highlight of this workshop was the neuroscience related to yoga and its benefits for implementation in treatment. I feel there was a seed planted that has inspired my own interest in research findings and preparation to have informed discussions with the medical and mental health community about yoga as medicine.
Chanel Bowen , Charlotte, NC
I have been practicing, studying, and teaching yoga for 25 years, and I learned more in Kaoverii’s 500 hour teacher training than I have in all those years of studying yoga.
Robin Fann-Costanzo , Asheville, NC
With a fitness/personal trainer background, I began attending Kaoverii’s yoga classes about 10 years ago with a desire to calm my Type A/aggressive personality and remember to breathe! Not only did I learn to love yoga for its calming properties, but after 500 hours of Kaoverii’s teaching, I am living a yogic lifestyle.
LaBet Pritchard , Asheville, NC
The 500 hr. Subtle Yoga therapeutic teacher training has been a very rewarding experience in many ways. I especially appreciated both the breadth and depth of the 500 hour SYTT.
Tracy Chapple , Sylvia, NC
Kaoverii’s professional insights and knowledge of the therapeutic application of yoga principles and practices is vast and compelling. She is able to skillfully convey the information in a way that is both engaging and informative as well as thought provoking.
Margaret Kirshner , Asheville, NC
Ever since I first met Kaoverii at an afternoon chakra workshop, I have appreciated her balance of depth and practicality with yoga concepts and practices. This training has been exactly what I would have expected, a deepening understanding and appreciation combined with practical hands-on techniques.
Diana Peterson , Chattanooga, NC
If I had not taken this particular program, I would have failed to comprehend the greater scope of yoga therapy’s application. Ultimately, yoga therapy goes beyond a muscles-and-bones practice and has the potential to put us back in relation with the larger life to which we all belong.
Hadley Morris , Texas
I really enjoyed the teacher training. I’ve already integrated changes to my classes and have a one-on-one session this week that I’ll now do differently. Thank you for putting together this program and inviting wonderful teachers from their areas of expertise.
Jessica Mollet , Raleigh, NC
As a mental health counselor I have had extensive training in treatment of mood disorders. Some of the most practical skills I now use regularly with clients with depression or anxiety come from my training and yoga practice with Kaoverii.
Ingrid Adelsbach , Asheville, NC